Book release

Coming of age is beautiful

“It gets the mind going and encourages faith to soar.” – Goodreads reviews (read more reviews here)

Brave Fish took me seven years to write. Upon arriving to Buenos Aires —  surrounded by the tango, slums, 14 lane highways and the flat pampas — a deep intimacy expressed itself. I didn’t write for seven years straight. For a time the story just sat waiting, and it was never my intention to let anyone read it.

I was too afraid.

Now I understand the time has come to share my work.

Brave Fish is a story about coming of age in America in the 80’s and coming of age in faith.

Perhaps most of all though, Brave Fish is a love story.

Proceeds from book sales go toward supporting our ministry in Argentina.

You can preview and order Brave Fish from Amazon. Or you can visit my E-store to order.


6 comments on “Book release

  1. TrishaDM says:

    The book sounds great! I am definitely intrigued!
    Thanks again for visiting my blog.

  2. Anne Honzel says:

    Vince – I just finished your book. Yesterday, you were only a smiling gravatar face with wonderful comments and visits to my site. This morning, you are an inspiration of bravery and courage and love. While we practice our spirituality a bit differently, we share the understanding of kindness and compassion. Brave Fish is powerful – and dare I say – incredibly well written. Thank you.

  3. […] herself that they can handle it. They convince themselves of this every day. And – speaking from personal experience – they might even convince themselves that God has cured them of their alcohol problem to […]

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