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My name is Vincent H Chough, and I am a husband and father.  I was born in 1967 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and received my medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. For ten years I practiced Internal Medicine in the USA, and in 2004 I was led to Buenos Aires, Argentina where I currently live with my wife and five sons.

Our ministry coordinates Bible study groups in homes, evangelical churches and parishes. We are witnesses to many lives healed and saved by God’s Word. We also organize prayer groups and provide pastor and priest support.

In 2014 we expanded to include a prison ministry. I believe it is a fundamental right for all persons to have a space where they can fully express their faith.

All proceeds from my book sales go towards supporting our ministry in Argentina. Or you can make a donation.

You can contact me at vincentchough@gmail.com

May God Bless You Abundantly


41 comments on “About and Contact

  1. monica says:

    Congratulations Vince!!!!

  2. elsethenomad says:

    Wow! That is so awesome that you were open to following the call of God. My favorite verse from the bible is Isaiah 6:8 where God is asking who will go out for Him and do His work and Isaiah immediately responds and says, ‘Here I am, Lord! Send me!’. I’m just starting my journey following where God is calling me. Next Fall I’m moving to Norway! Thanks for checking out my blog, keep up the good work!

  3. tessf says:

    An inspiring bio. May the divine grant your deepest wishes and may you live to see your dreams come to frution.

  4. David Mills says:

    Vince, blessing on you and your mission. I hope I can help share your love and vision. Let me know how I can be of service. Thanks, David

  5. […] I (can’t swear), um, I affirm that I did not steal this idea from Vincent H Chough at Brave Fish. Share this:FacebookStumbleUponEmailDiggRedditTwitterPrintPinterestTumblrLinkedInLike this:LikeBe […]

  6. Vince,
    Thanks for your encouragement and for the follow!
    Many blessings,

  7. In Blue says:

    beautiful mission…inspiring…

  8. Thank you for following my blog Vince 🙂
    Wishing you and yours Love and Light, Peace and Harmony, All Ways, Always

  9. Sally says:

    I nominated you for The Sunshine Award. You can read my long and boring post about it here — http://hotdogsandmarmalade.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/hug-award-and-sunshine-award/ I know these are a little chain letter-ish, so feel free to ignore or pass on, whatever you like!

  10. Lucio says:

    Hi Vince! I just wanted to post that you are really good at what you do, I got to read your book and I thought it was awesome, your honesty really amazed me and I think God has great plans for you and your family. I truly consider it an honor to be able to call you my friend and brother.in.Christ, GB2!

    • Vince Chough says:

      Thank you Lucio! I thank God for all the good things He has done in my life. Your fellowship and friendship are living proof of His love for me. ¡Te quiero hermano!

  11. lbtk says:

    I have given you The Versatile Blogger Award. I love what you do and want you to know that your words make a difference in my life. Check out your award at http://lbtk.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/thank-you-for-the-versatile-blogger-award/

  12. Hello, Vince, I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award here: http://dailypeptalk.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/the-sunshine-award-nomination/. Thank you for being such an inspiration and encouragement. — Stevie

  13. CTW says:

    Thanks, Vince! God bless you and your ministry. Thanks for stopping by simplify2x and “liking” it.

  14. CTW says:

    Thanks, Vince, for stopping by simplify2x. God bless you in your ministry!

  15. Sparky says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Awesome feedback, and from another native Pittsburgher! You seem to have a wonderful heart and cause. May your family and those they help continue to be blessed.

  16. jamie says:

    Hi Vince. Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award. Here’s the link to my post about it.



  17. I just nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award, Vince. Congrats! I always enjoy your posts. Have a great day, my friend.

  18. Pete says:

    Vince, can’t wait to read your book. Kevin, Sid and I were talking about you last night. Take care and hope you are well.

    • Vince Chough says:

      Pete! Thanks for commenting. I am reading the Lord of the Rings, and as you can imagine it brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for reading old friend. Say Hi to those guys for me.

  19. You remind me of my Brother and sister in law who left a very high paying administrative goverment job to pursue the Lord and his calling among the poor and most unreached people groups with Wycliffe bible translators. God bless you!

  20. A Servant says:

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the follow of our blog. I never want to take it for granted.
    A Servant
    P.S. Next week I’ll be introducing a new blog idea and will be asking for input. I sure would like for you to chime in with what you think.

  21. Maria says:

    Thank you for reading about my adventures with the birds, Vince; I’m still learning from them. May He, as you continually abide in Him, produce an abundance of fruit, as Jesus said would happen to those who abide in Him (John 15). Your family and you are now a part of my mind and heart; as the Lord brings you to mind, I will pray. May His grace, peace, and love be yours in abundance, that you may comfort those in need, including yourselves, as our Lord continues to bring others to you that you may wash their feet even as He washes yours. Love to you, my brother, and your family, from our Lord Jesus Christ.

    “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” Romans 15:13.

  22. Jose Juan Rodriguez says:

    Vince, my name is Jose Juan Rodriguez and I recently finished writing a book about the way some people in the New Testament saw Lord Jesus just for a couple of minutes and he changed their lives. I saw the picture you have on your page, of the Lord’s feet as He walks. Would you allow me to use that picture to illustrate the cover?
    Please reply.

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