Prayer for Asthma

This is how I pray when I have an asthma attack. Out of the last 4 or 5 episodes I’ve only had to use meds once.

Good Father. I open myself up to You. Heal me. Free me. Free me from my illness. Cleanse me and purify me. Open my lungs to breathe freely. Open all the air passages and let the air flow freely in my lungs. Relax the constricting muscles. Dry all secretions. Stimulate my natural antihistamines.

Oh Father, recruit all of my bodily systems, the circulatory system, the nervous system, my heart, my brain, my lungs, my liver, my pancreas, my spleen, my thyroid, my stomach, my intestines, my lymphatic system, my kidneys, my muscles, my bones, my skin… all working in harmony towards healing and health. All cellular and biochemical mechanisms working together to heal me under Your guiding Hand and Spirit.

Heal my soul Heavenly Father. Raise up my natural defenses. Strengthen me. Heal me. Free me. Cleanse me. Purify me. Purify me of sin and illness. Restore me. Restore me to health. Mobilize my body at every level to overcome this illness.

Cleanse me deeply Lord, heal me of all psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds that manifest in breathing problems.

Heal me Lord. Calm me Father. Soothe me. Let the air flow and let my lungs heal and expand without interruption, without strain. Let the air flow and let me breathe freely that my voice may be raised up in praise and wonder to You and Your glory. In the name of Your beloved Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

Asthma is very closely related to anxiety. Find help with anxiety here today.


37 comments on “Prayer for Asthma

  1. granbee says:

    I SO very much join you in this portion of your pray for healing from asthma attacks (since I don’t have asthma but do need quieting and soothing to unblock restricted circulation from scars from old injuries):”Calm me Father. Soothe me. Let the air flow and let my lungs heal and expand without interruption, without strain. Let the air flow and let me breathe freely that my voice may be raised up in praise and wonder to You and Your glory. “

  2. Tammy says:

    The way your express yourself is quite poetic, Vince. My daughter has suffered from Asthma since she was an infant. I shall share this with her. It would’ve been nice for me, as her mother, to have known such a prayer for her when she was so young and unable to understand what was happening to her. Thank you for a fresh way to pray for healing.

  3. Caddo Veil says:

    Hi brother Vince–so sorry to hear of your asthma affliction–I will definitely add you to my daily prayers (specific for asthma–I was already praying the “general” prayer for my blogging family, which includes you and your fam!) Did you change things? The header looks different–nice! God bless y’all!

  4. Cristal says:

    “All working in harmony towards healing and health” — I believe fully in this declaration of faith. God created our bodies to work. He didn’t create us and then realize He left something out or made a mistake. Our environments, our diets, etc can hinder our bodies natural desire to be whole and healthy. But, overall, I believe our systems are yearning to be healed and whole. And will move in that direction. Thank you for your transparency and sharing your faith.

  5. Pat says:

    Good,good prayer Vince,I can see God smiling!
    Love you brother and do enjoy your day as God continues to soothe you. 😀

  6. tracy says:

    Just said this prayer having trouble breathing thank you god bless

  7. tem carlo says:

    Lord, please let me breathe freely, and help me heal this asthma, and never come back, thank you so much lord. Amen

  8. Jill says:

    having severe breathing attacks..not sure if they are panic or asthma
    but i’m sick with bronchitis right now and so scared of trying to use the inhaler for fear it will make me panic even more. please pray for full healing for me over this sickness and over this scary breathing attacks! thank you so much -Jill

    • T.M.Faul says:

      Reading comments from other people like myself who are having a hard time breathing. Our stories are alike in so many ways. Seems the problem comes suddenly. The first time we found ourselves unable to take a deep breath we were told it was it was a pantic attack. No joke it is so scary. Then as you drift off its like you are awoken by an army of , NOW IT IS TIME…wake up…it screams.YOU.CAN NOT BREATHE YOU ARE DYING. I can’t describe that enough it anyo other way. It feels like something evil is at work here. I see a specialist Monday July 18, 2016. I made the appointment 2 and a half months ago. The other people who are plagued by this have had test done say the specialist said every thing is food. Even oxygen leaves are good. Oh Father help us now. I know I am to be of good courage. Father have mercy I am afraid….if it can not be proven it will not be treated. GOD give us wisdom.thank you that your mercy has no measure.. .amen

  9. […] I plan on exploring this more and maybe later today I will post the prayer that I pray when I have an asthma attack. […]

  10. Febin Antony says:

    I am also suffering asthma and wheezing.
    I am in my adult age ; i know this situation the doctors and medicines don’t give a full leave from this asthma but in my birth time to this 17th years the god and jesus is caring me.Some of promices is god give to me ; so i know my god is all done for good.Thats my strong faith my heavenly father is give cure from this asthma. I am definitly include this prayer in my daily prayer ; may i god bless you.This prayer is really help for me .

  11. Michael c says:

    I have asthma and problem sometimes breathing seems like my lungs get tiny I wish I didn’t have too suffer so many years like this I wish god would visit and heal my body and life.

  12. […] have had many people contact me about my post, Prayer for asthma. Recently a friend of ours was healed through prayers for her fibromyalgia. Here is a prayer that I […]

  13. Vince may your prayer be answered and may you be healed my brother! God bless you my friend!

  14. juliet kefas says:

    I claim this prayer in jesus name amen pls brothers and sisters put me in ur prayer , I want God to heal me from this spirit of asthma. My name is juliet am 39 with 3 kids I dont want to die young pls help me with prayer

    • Praying for you Juliet. May the Lord lift his mighty hand to fight for you. May his peace and mercy be poured out over you. May his love free you and heal you. In Jesus name, amen.

  15. Salena says:

    lord pls heal me freely from this asthma , pls father take this away im tired of it . it ruins my life knowing i cant breath everyday . pls heal me freely from my asthma and for it to go away .and for it not to happen so much .. Thak you and AMEN !! 😟

  16. dstevens55 says:

    What a great inspiration! I need to find or develop a prayer like this for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, narcolepsy, and celiac disease.

  17. jonathanvic1 says:

    This is a complete prayer of what I’ve been trying to put together in prayer. I love this and whoever created this prayer is definitely a man or woman of God and loves God. In the name of Jesus, by the power of mercy of God and his grace, humbly pray and ask that I may be able able to use his prayer and pass it onto my brother and my family my friends and all those that are in the name of Jesus, by the power mercy of God and his grace, I humbly pray and ask that I may be able able to use his prayer and pass it onto my brother and my family my friends and all those that are ill. This is a powerful prayer that I believe can he’ll many we all join together to pray and invoke God to heal us .

  18. Megan says:

    This prayer is so amazing and spiritual, job very well done, God is proud.

  19. Angeles Diaz says:

    Thank you for such a healing prayer… While I was praying I was feeling the prayer work… Praise be to God for His healing and Love overpasses all obstacles and infirmities of the world, Amen

  20. Mary says:

    Thank u for this prayer, i have an 8 yr old grandson that we are standing on God’s words for his healing. God bless. and Healing manifestation come forth in your bidy,in Jesus Name.

  21. victoria says:

    Thank you for this good prayer..i have started using it for my mum who has asthma en cant breathe well….i believe God is going to heal her..Amen

  22. JULIO IRIZARRY says:

    Thank you for the prayer. I’ve been struggling with my asthma for quite some time. It seems like its progressively getting worse. I can’t even walk up and down stairs without out becoming exasperated. I love Jesus with all my heart, and thank him every night for his mercy and grace. But I cant deny the fact that I’m scared and concerned for my life. There is a new treatment that seems to be very successful for people who have chronic asthma. But unfortunately my insurance doesn’t cover it. Its a 15,000 – 20,000$ procedure. Please pray for me, that our lord works a miracle in my life. I know all is possible with God.

  23. Thank you for this prayer!

  24. Thank you Father for the prayer. im experiencing asthma attack today and ive been in icu 2 months ago. and now i have a panic attack due to trauma that i experience last 2 months. i want to be brave father. please help me to pray. thank you father!

  25. angelicaveritas says:

    Thank you – I’ve been struggling for 48 hours and this prayer was a great find this morning.

  26. Margaret says:

    Thank you for a powerpacked praayer, since 3 years my son john is struggling from wheezing and asthma…. God is the only answer ….🙏

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