God’s economy

It never ceases to amaze me how efficient God is. He makes perfect use of every resource. When I take over the planning there is a lot of waste. I add too much to the sauce and it ends up salty. But not God. His recipe always comes out just right. Our job is to be salt. Let Him do the shaking.

Salt doesn’t really do anything. It just salts. We should be the same. Not doing — just being. Sometimes a little smile or hug or talk over coffee is all that is needed to make God’s economy move. Just a simple gesture can be the beginning of someone realizing that God loves them infinitely. Two tiny atoms collide generating a fusion reaction. God makes the gigantic out of the simple.

I often try to give God a hand, but I just get in the way. I’m so much more useful when I let Him do the work.

Let Him shake me out wherever He chooses.

Let Him do the seasoning.

When I let God do His job I find that I become part of an amazing process much bigger than I can imagine. But He let’s me know that I participated. He acknowledges me in a tender and loving way. He tells me, “Yes, here you were useful. You were salt.”

I am a creature of execution. I want to do. My flesh rejects faith. My nature rejects trusting in God. My pride pushes Jesus away when all He wants to do is heal me and free me. By nature I am a rusty old gear in God’s perfect machine.

But every once in a while He shows me that I was useful in His grace. It always comes to me in one of those, “I didn’t mean to do that” kind of moments.

I didn’t, but He did.

Someone finds God’s grace and peace and I was privileged enough to participate. I love when He makes me part of His plan. Then I don’t have to do anything. Just be salt.

You are the salt of the earth… Matthew 5:13