Prayer for fibromyalgia

I have had many people contact me about my post, Prayer for asthma. Recently a friend of ours was healed through prayers for her fibromyalgia. Here is a prayer that I hope can help someone suffering from this debilitating disease.

Heavenly Father, I come to you. Only you know how I feel. Only you know my pain.
As I come to you Father, you come to me.
Come to me and begin the healing that I so long for.
Wash me of this pain.
Cleanse me of my sin and suffering.
With your precious blood that forgives all and heals all.

Let my body work in harmony towards healing, oh merciful Lord.
May your Spirit move through my muscles, bones and joints that ache deeply.
It is a hurt that cannot be explained.
Some days I just can’t get up, I cannot move.
So weary is my soul.
Will you not look mercifully upon me Lord in these days?
Do not delay any longer, set me free.

Mobilize all my body’s natural defenses to bring me to health.
My heart, my lungs and my brain,
My blood, my organs, and all my hormones,
Set them all to work in health and harmony.
For you are a most merciful God, sovereign over all creation.
Certainly you must hear me.
Hear my cry.

If there is any purpose in my deep pain, my deep suffering,
I give it up to you, oh Father.
Like Christ, your beloved Son.

In all things, your will be done.
But in my humility, my shame, my smallness, oh Lord,
I beg you.
Take this affliction far from me.

Heal me in spirit, body and mind.
Your Spirit touching my spirit to set me free.

birds at dawn

Set me free

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Why is it? Rant.

Why is it that freedom fighters always end up sitting on thrones and oppressing their brothers?

Why is it that even the tiniest bit of comfort must be satisfied before even thinking about filling the mouth of a hungry child?

Why is it that the flimsiest rationalization keeps us away from God?

Shake these chains loose now.

Before you adjust your thermostat even one more time, find a way to feed a hungry person.

Do. It. Today.

If think you are too busy, then ask God to give you a merciful heart.

Can you take time out of your schedule to save a life?

Do. It. Today.

Can you take time out of your busy life to save your soul?

Do. It. Today.


Is it easy to trust in God?

It’s easy to trust in God when I really don’t do any trusting. I say, “I trust that God will take care of…,” but I’m really just saying it, not doing it.

When I look back on my life I try to find times when I really trusted in him. Times where I placed all my bets on his power and his grace and nothing else. Times where if he didn’t come through, there was no way out. It was him or nothing.

I wish I had many tales to tell of this kind of trust. But too many times, I do all the thinking and planning and none of the trusting. I leave very little for God to do for me. And he respects me. He never gets in my way.

I say, “I have to trust in Jesus.”

No I don’t. Never do I have to. It’s always up to me.

What if I went to him for everything? What if I really placed all my trust in him?

How many times do I face a challenge or a threat… and instantly my mind races to hatch a plan I hope will be blessed along the way?

What if I stopped right away instead?

And got on my knees,

looked up to heaven and said,

“It’s yours Lord. It’s all yours. All you or nothing.”

trust in the Lord

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Perfect balance

scalesEverything boils down to some sort of negotiation. Nothing is for free they say. Perhaps they are right.

There were times I held resentment in my heart, even towards loved ones. Maybe my feelings were justified if harm was done to me. This does not mean I sought revenge, but sometimes, if I had the chance, I would extract payment.

Maybe the action was small – an expression, a tone, a subtle sarcasm or maybe just a fleeting thought of ill-will. The other person might not have sensed it… but I got what I wanted.

Other times, I hauled out an elephant of evidence with an “I-told-you-so!” or “Remember-when-you-said-this!?” or “Remember-when-you-did-that!?” With these lines I extracted blood from my victims since payment was due.

But what if I changed the rules? What if I always let the scales tip in the other party’s favor? What if with every transaction, I was left with less?

What if I let them take my blood?

Who would I be like then?

With him, the scales always tip in our favor. He walks in perfect balance. 

this is my blood

Image source: scales by Toby Hudson, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

An hour (or so) at the post office

Here in Argentina there are wonderful things to see and do. Waiting in long lines is not one of these things. When I took my number at the post office, it read “72”. They were serving number 43.  So I sighed and glanced upwards to heaven. From my perch, I observed:

A man who could not stop staring at every young woman that came into the post office. He looked each of them up and down several times. He was fidgety. I know this man. He has been in charge of youth groups and works for an NGO that helps the poor.

A woman wearing a revealing dress. I suppose she wanted everyone to see how great her tan was. (It’s summer down here).

An older disabled man. He held up the line for many long minutes.

A handsome young man, full of life and full of himself. He strutted around as if we should have applauded him.

A young woman lent the disabled man her pen. When her turn was done, she just left the post office and left her pen as a gift to the man.

A middle aged man who complained loudly about the heat and the weak air conditioning.

A pregnant woman smiling at her husband and young son who were waiting outside. Through the glass door she smiled and waved at them lovingly.

The post office worker, who despite the complaints, treated every single person with respect and a smile.

I saw kindness, vanity, lust, struggle, frustration and generosity during my wait. I reflected on my reactions to the actions and appearances of others.

Peeking into the lives of these people, what did I feel?

Did I feel mercy?

Jesus does.

For all.

Psalm 13

how long
how long will i go on this way
clutching tight to my solitude
when will i get to the end of my rope
when i’m left swinging in the wind
feet dangling
or maybe I’ll wake up
and see
you there
setting me free
each and every moment
free from the lie
that tells me i have to do
it all myself
how long Lord
until i truly let go of me
and hold tight onto you