Kings, protect your Queen

As a husband and a father, I am called to be a king and a priest in my home (Rev 1:5-6). One of the main responsibilities of a king is to protect his queen, which in my case is my wife.

Men like to think of themselves as heroic. I like to think that I am a knight in shining armor that fights for my wife and family against the outside forces of evil. But the greatest threat often comes from within.

When I rise up, with God’s Spirit giving me strength, it is to protect my wife from the harm that I can cause her. I am potentially the most dangerous element in her life, as I am already on the inside.

So kings, protect your queen from your ego, insecurity, infidelity, and pride. Protect your home from your selfishness, vanity, and envy.

Rise up kings! Protect your queen from the harm that you might cause her. The King of kings shows you the way.

Be a lion, be a lamb – and lay down your life for the one you love.