Mentality of a Messiah 5

Mentality of a Messiah 5

Please hurry…

When driving in Buenos Aires whoever is carrying more speed into an intersection generally has the right of way. If your vehicle is really big (or old, like mine) then you also can enjoy right of way status. I’ve seen power passing into the oncoming traffic lane countless times. Sometimes, if you don’t run the red light, you might get rear ended by someone on your bumper expecting this kind of behavior.

Once in a while though, you get behind a really slow driver. How does this make me react? I’m usually in a hurry, so I get restless. I am temped to honk or pass or at least fume impatiently.

But what if I was following my boss in the car ahead of me? Or what if it was my mother? Or a king? How would may attitude be then? I would be respectful and humble of course.

That’s how Jesus works. He’s always behind us, waiting on us. Respectfully. Humbly. He treats us like kings.

Follow the true King. Let him show you the most excellent way.


When’s the last time…

When’s the last time
You gave up a bad habit,
Or put down the phone?
When’s the last time,
You ignored bad drivers,
Or gave up trying to control?
When’s the last time,
You didn’t have the last word,
Or apologized?
When’s the last time,
You didn’t chicken out,
Or swallowed down your pride?
When’s the last time,
Someone taught you something,
Or you called an old friend?
When’s the last time,
You hugged anyone,
Or been on the hug receiving end?
When’s the last time,
You heard someone say, “I love you”,
Or spoke this message clear?
When’s the last time,
You closed your eyes and trusted,
And let God take away your fear? 
You can’t stop time… but you can make every second count.

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He walked the walk

How did Jesus walk? I mean literally, His stride, His stance, His pace. Somehow transmitting confidence and humility all at once. Knowing exactly where He was headed. Maybe He broke a sweat sometimes, and other times He lingered.

Whatever the need or occasion, He walked with purpose…

His feet played a major role in His ministry…

And the feet of others as well…

Oh, the places He walked!

Always moving in the direction of obedience towards His Father in heaven…

Grace and blessings to all.

Buy a book! Help a poor community in Buenos Aires.

This post was inspired by Sally’s post On Walking at her wonderful blog Hot Dogs and Marmalade.