Prudent Disbelief

Do not enterWhen it comes to matters of faith we live by degrees. Some are at absolute zero. The non-believer elevates their skepticism to a level which ironically approaches religious belief. Then there are those that live by their faith in Christ so sincerely and transparently that it inspires many thousands for generations. But what about the rest of us? Are we too prudent in our disbelief?

How many times have I shielded my life from the blessings of the Lord?

“Oh no, Lord not here. This is a money matter.”

“Oh no, Lord not here either. This is a work matter.”

“Lord, don’t bother here please. This is a family matter.”

“You don’t need to trouble yourself here either, Lord. He/she is a hopeless case.”

“No, not here Lord. This is a PRACTICAL matter.”

“And not in my crude reality either Lord. I better not trust in you here, just in case. Just let me keep you bottled up in my back pocket until I’m ready to call you out. No offense.”

In the past, consciously or unconsciously, I naively convinced myself so many times that God either does not care or will interfere in a bothersome way. Or, even worse, that God was incapable of helping. How silly. How blind. His Word and His Love are infinitely more secure than my prudent disbelief.

How many times have I shielded my life from the blessings of the Lord?

How many wounds did I leave open for far too long?

And finally, the most beloved line of all…

“Well, God understands me.”

How infinitely wise are these words. How deeply the Father understands me. He understands me so intimately that he weeps for me. Jesus identifies with me so well that he takes all my wounds upon himself. Perhaps you can not know a man more intimately than by the knowledge of the depth of his sin.

And Christ embraces this. There is no greater love.

No greater love

John 20,29