We’ve heard it all before “Live like it’s the last day of your life” right? But what does this really mean to us? What does this perspective give us? It is a blank check for me to throw caution to the wind? Should I max out the credit card, rent the Ferrari and go hang gliding off Mt. Rushmore?

Our days are numbered, and they pass by like a fleeting shadow. Where has the first half of 2012 gone? What about the last five or ten years for that matter? We speed headlong to our destiny, but we act as if we have all the time in the world. Remember this: you might not see the sun rise tomorrow.

Is this pessimism? Does this cause me to live in fear? Or, does it… as it should… give me… courage?

The courage to set things right.

The courage to set aside the things that hurt me.

The courage to help.

The courage to recognize my faults.

The courage to count my blessings.

The courage to go for a dream.

The courage to say I’m sorry.

The courage to say I love you.

The courage to seek God.

Nothing material appears on the “to do” list that our hearts would write on our final day. Jesus repeated again and again, “Fear not”. He knew his end was near. He knew what was to come, and this gave him tremendous courage. It need not be the spectacular – quite the contrary, as the daredevil often cringes in fear upon looking inside his soul. Bravery means seeing things clearly as they are.

See your reality; get some courage. Eternal life begins today – and that is something spectacular.

I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation. (2 Corinthians 6:2)


He walked the walk

How did Jesus walk? I mean literally, His stride, His stance, His pace. Somehow transmitting confidence and humility all at once. Knowing exactly where He was headed. Maybe He broke a sweat sometimes, and other times He lingered.

Whatever the need or occasion, He walked with purpose…

His feet played a major role in His ministry…

And the feet of others as well…

Oh, the places He walked!

Always moving in the direction of obedience towards His Father in heaven…

Grace and blessings to all.

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This post was inspired by Sally’s post On Walking at her wonderful blog Hot Dogs and Marmalade.