Trust Him Today

Why is it that we lose sight of our faith precisely when we need it most?

Jesus said, “Be not afraid” and we tremble in fear.
He said, “I am the bread of life” and we look everywhere else to feed our hungry souls.

What is keeping you from being at peace? Why don’t you do something about it TODAY?

It’s not about emotions…. it’s about making decisions and taking a stand.

Grab your faith with both hands and hold on tight.
Then beat down and kick out the things that are holding you down or holding you back.

Trust Him. He will fight the fight for you.



How patient do I have to be? I have been praying for some things for a very long time it seems.

So I ask God, “How patient do I have to be?”

And He answers, “How patient am I with you?”

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7


photo credit: Ocean City NJ Sunrise 7-9-10 by David Saddler

You can amaze Him

Jesus is never shocked by your sin.

He already took care of that on the cross.

But he never stops marveling at your faith.


Photo credit: Gerardofegan

I reject these people

I reject the disrespectful. I reject the liar and the hypocrite. I reject the thief, the corrupt and the ungrateful. I reject the vain. I reject the traitor. I reject the violent, the impatient, the arrogant and the selfish.

I do not accept these persons. And when I see this behavior in the ones I love it drives me crazy. But what happens when I observe myself in these roles that fill me with disgust?

Jesus accepts everyone. Can I obey his invitation to follow him in these cases?

No. I can’t. I try to, but the moment always arrives where my “This Can Not Be” is much stronger than the limited mercy that comes from my heart. And when I reach my limit my desire to condemn approaches a desire to kill. On one hand, my reaction is just because it is against the things that cause much harm.

For God, the rejection is infinitely more intense because God is pure goodness.

But the Father says, “Justly for the most repulsive things in you, I send my Son.”

And Jesus says, “Justly for the ugliest things in all, I give my life.”

And the Spirit says, “Justly for the darkest things in you, I call you to the Son.”

When I understand this, it’s not like all of the sudden I can completely accept all the evil that I see in myself and the world. But I can begin to be humble.

And I can honor God with a river of praise for the perfection of his mighty love in Jesus Christ.


Photo credit: jubileelewis

Seven Hundred Thousand Roses

He speaks wisely, and I ignore him.
He works a miracle, and I compare him to the devil.
He extends me peace and consolation,
and I angrily slap his hand away.
So I take him bodily, roughly,
and he comes obediently,
ever obedient to His Father.
And I lash him to the wood.
I tremble a bit now,
giddy with rage.
How dare he?
I feel the spike heavy in my hand.
In a wide arc the mallet falls,
and from the wound comes a red, heavy flow.
Seven hundred thousand roses bloom at once.
The full fragrance of mercy.
How dare he!
His heart spills out innocent love,
the love of a child
that in Gethsemane asked,
“Are you sure of this Father?”
“Are you really sure?”
Even then the blood began to fall
in heavy drops.
It is a consuming love
a fire
a strong steady wind
It comes for you
It is the Kingdom
the Power
the Glory
Love now
and forever

Never go hungry

Here in Buenos Aires the panaderias (local bread shops) are a great treasure. You find them every 5 or 10 blocks scattered throughout city neighborhoods, and each shop has its own personality. The second best part of them is the smell of the fresh bread baking when you go inside. The best part is eating the bread still warm and soft. The pastries and cakes make deciding all the more fun.

When one of my sons was younger he would cry a lot. Especially when he was hungry. So we would tell him, “You’re hungry. Eat please.”

“NO I’M NOT HUNGRY!” he would cry even though he was starving. We would place a plate of his favorite food in front of him, and he would cry and cry but not take one bite. Finally the smell would win him over and he would eat. The crying stopped instantly.

When I’m hungry all I want is a big juicy steak. I don’t want to watch a movie. I don’t want money. I don’t want a car. I don’t even want a hug. I want meat.

Jesus is the Bread of Life. How many times I cried like my son hungering for this Bread. How many times I tried to nourish myself with other things that were dead.

Living makes us hungry. I went for years and years not eating. Even today I sometimes forget to take of His Word giving me heavenly sustenance. But Christ gives in abundance. This Bread is always there for the taking.

Sometimes all I can muster in my prayers is a simple, “I trust you Jesus.” Just four simple words.

But like that first bite my little boy took from his steaming plate of goodness… it dries up all tears.

My hunger satisified.

“I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”

John 6:35