Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard?

Have you heard the latest news?
God lives.
He lives for you and me.

He lives to make you strong again.
After you have been stumbling for so long. Far too long.
Hurt and limping along.
Lean on him.
Let him.

It is never to late. Never too late.

Is the life you are living now worth saving?
Or do you want a new life?

They say it’s a story, a fairy tale.
But it is something else altogether.
It is Good News. It is new life everlasting.

So God’s Son came, lived and died for you.
And after three days, he rose again.

To free you.

Let him.

Let him love you.

have you not heard isaiah

Image by JFXie. Image cropped and text added by Vince Chough.





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