Mentality of a Messiah 3

traffic jamAs any local knows, driving in Buenos Aires can be an intense – and annoying – experience. I’ve never seen such rude and selfish behavior before in my life – from myself, that is.

Passing in the lane of oncoming traffic, passing on grass shoulders and being forced off the highway by buses and trucks – you see it all here.  Many times you feel as if you are obligated to be aggressive or else you will get crushed.

As I was driving home today I spied a red car in my rear-view mirror moving erratically, and within a second I knew it was an aggressive driver. Sure enough, he nestled up to my bumper then slid out to my left to pass me – in a one-lane, one-way street. This move is pretty common here, but it is still annoying, especially when there is traffic already in front of you. So you either hold your ground or let the other guy pass. So I held my ground.

I thought, “That explicative has no right to pass me here. He’s going to cause a wreck! There is no way he’s passing me.”

What would our Messiah do?

He would take care of the offending driver. He would slow down and pull aside as not to risk an accident. But he would go one step further.

In his heart, he would take care of the offender. I imagine his thinking might go like this:

“Wow, this guy is really impatient. He is risking his and my safety. I better pull aside, and let him go. Bless him please Father.”

We get offended when someone steps on our rights. This is a normal reaction.

Jesus gave himself up to death when his innocence was trampled upon. This is a messianic reaction.

All for you.

Image by daveynin.



4 comments on “Mentality of a Messiah 3

  1. A Servant says:

    We are a far cry from the love Jesus would show. However, we are to strive, with God’s help, to close that gap.
    So, what did you decide to do with the driver? Did you let him in?

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