Why is it? Rant.

Why is it that freedom fighters always end up sitting on thrones and oppressing their brothers?

Why is it that even the tiniest bit of comfort must be satisfied before even thinking about filling the mouth of a hungry child?

Why is it that the flimsiest rationalization keeps us away from God?

Shake these chains loose now.

Before you adjust your thermostat even one more time, find a way to feed a hungry person.

Do. It. Today.

If think you are too busy, then ask God to give you a merciful heart.

Can you take time out of your schedule to save a life?

Do. It. Today.

Can you take time out of your busy life to save your soul?

Do. It. Today.



7 comments on “Why is it? Rant.

  1. A Servant says:

    Man’s inhumanity to man is a paradox. There is no rational explanation to why we give in to Satan, yet every time we do the least among us suffer. Hunger is definitely a symptom of this.
    I hear your cries brother, more importantly, God hears their cries.

  2. I have set out to stop by your blog many times before today and…………
    I love this post, love your passion for the weak, You have reminded of a poem I wrote
    Yahweh’s Poet,
    I too have long to reach the hungry lost children. we are of One Accord.
    God Bless, James

  3. Barb says:

    The other day I got an envelope that said “Help feed a hungry child today”. I set it aside, but I thought about it more and felt I was to do something. The next day I saw your post, which I felt was confirmation. It was a busy week, but the next afternoon I felt an even stronger conviction that I was to act before I did another thing. Thank you for reminding us what’s right in God’s eyes. We are so blessed and we need to be a blessing to others.

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