Condemn them all

It isn’t such a mystery why it’s easier to condemn. That’s it – it’s just easier. When I see a “bad” person, I condemn them for their faults. I focus on their transgressions, instead of asking God to help them. It’s easier to point out faults than to ask God to show me how to love a person that offends me.

When I see a “good” person, I adopt the good guy gospel. Since they are “good” they probably don’t need Jesus, right? It’s just easier to think that way.

In my heart I have no hope for the sinner. I have no mercy for those hurting themselves, and I focus selfishly on my desire to judge them.

Since talking to the good person about Jesus makes me uncomfortable, I just assume they will be alright.

When I think like this, I condemn them all. Only supernatural intervention can change my heart.

A friend of mine shares his faith with fellow co-workers. He eventually invited them all to spiritual retreats – except one. The good guy. The good guy had a wife, kids and a nice life. He was adjusted and at peace. He was a good guy. Then one day, the good guy took his own life.

Condemn no one. Show Jesus to everyone in your words, prayers and actions. Let no one be left behind or left out.

John 3:17

Image credit: LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by VinothChandar (I cropped the image and added the text.)

6 comments on “Condemn them all

  1. abundantlife says:

    As scriptures teach, man looks at the appearance and God looks at the heart. Thanks for this post. Blessings.

  2. Barb says:

    This reminded me of a quote that I was reflecting on yesterday, “We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. We need to offer grace to all, because we all need a little grace.”

  3. A Servant says:

    Greetings my brother. I enjoyed the post. We must be on guard against passing judgment. God is in control!
    A Servant

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