Perfect balance

scalesEverything boils down to some sort of negotiation. Nothing is for free they say. Perhaps they are right.

There were times I held resentment in my heart, even towards loved ones. Maybe my feelings were justified if harm was done to me. This does not mean I sought revenge, but sometimes, if I had the chance, I would extract payment.

Maybe the action was small – an expression, a tone, a subtle sarcasm or maybe just a fleeting thought of ill-will. The other person might not have sensed it… but I got what I wanted.

Other times, I hauled out an elephant of evidence with an “I-told-you-so!” or “Remember-when-you-said-this!?” or “Remember-when-you-did-that!?” With these lines I extracted blood from my victims since payment was due.

But what if I changed the rules? What if I always let the scales tip in the other party’s favor? What if with every transaction, I was left with less?

What if I let them take my blood?

Who would I be like then?

With him, the scales always tip in our favor. He walks in perfect balance. 

this is my blood

Image source: scales by Toby Hudson, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

2 comments on “Perfect balance

  1. Vince, you said: ‘With these lines I extracted blood from my victims since payment was due….’

    Very thoughtful. So many ways we can do this, and frightfully true. Good work.

    Tkx for swapping ideas; see you down the road.

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