Survival Of The Fittest

If God does not exist then what is the ultimate law? It must be survival of the fittest. The fittest, according to Darwin, are those that are best able to survive, reproduce and pass on their genes. And this makes a lot of sense.

If we are stronger, smarter and more useful humans then we should live longer. Even things like kindness and generosity can be considered survival advantages for the species as a whole. Still, if we take this theory to its limits, we encounter problems.

What if a person gave their life to save a busload of murderers, thieves and vile persons who were certain to pass on their vile genes to their children? What if that person, who sacrificed their life, was genetically perfect but had no children? According to Darwin, for the sake of the species, it would be better to let the bus burn. This is the logic of a universe without God.

But the heavenly Father showed us a higher way, a celestial law.

His law flies in the face of a godless universe. For it is the law of love.

Love means: give up your life – even for the wretched and the vile.

The Darwinian, or atheist, model fails for another reason: it invites control through power. Survival of the fittest allows for all kinds of atrocities. Here, the strong decide, survive and rule. We, as a species, have seen this and continue to see this.

One might point to the abuses of Christianity as a counter-argument, but these abuses deviated from the true Gospel message. On the other hand, oppression and control are in harmony with the Darwinian gospel.

How many times do we want to help the jerk, the rude and the abusive? How often do we feel mercy for those that irritate, frustrate or generate hate inside of us? It might be a particular person or group, or it might be a political party or politician.

Do we feel in the pit of our stomach that they would be better off dead? What do you feel?

Personally, I can never overcome this on my own. It requires a supernatural intervention. It obligates God to show me that he and his Spirit exist in my life. Otherwise, I would be killing people in my mind all the time – or at least choking on a deep desire to change attitudes through god-like control instead of love.

And much of the change in me occurs only on my knees in prayer.

In the end, Christ did not come down from the cross. He did not wield his mighty power and authority over all things. Instead of control, he showed us a much greater power that shouts his existence throughout the cosmos. The power of sacrificial love.

In the miracle of his resurrection, Jesus Christ did not pass on his genes. Instead, he passed us his Spirit. This is what makes us fit and strong.

Remember: You are not a Christian because you are better. You are a Christian because you are loved.

love one another

Original Image: Takashi Hososhima  (Modified by Vincent Chough with some rights reserved:

11 comments on “Survival Of The Fittest

  1. “It must be survival of the fittest.”

    This is in reference to species, not individuals. And it’s an explanation of how species act, not a rule of how they should act.

    • Vince Chough says:

      Thanks for your explanation.

    • ubi dubium says:

      And additionally, when we say a creature is evolutionarily “fit” we mean that it has the physical traits and behaviors that allow it to successfully survive and reproduce. For social animals, like humans, those behaviors include mutual cooperation and reciprocal altruism.

      So basic social morals like “don’t kill members of your own group”, “don’t steal their stuff”, and “treat people the way you want them to treat you” have arisen over and over again, not because a god handed those rules down to us, but because they work.

      • Vince Chough says:

        We also have oppression and the manipulation of the masses which arises over and over again… because it works. In our hearts we know this is wrong though, as God writes upon our conscience.

        A life transformed by grace is in no way based upon any survival advantage. In worldly terms, it is a distinct disadvantage. The Christian relies upon God’s Spirit to survive.

        So we are not only asked to lose our lives, but lose our lives for Jesus’ sake.

      • ubi dubium says:

        Christianity has been used over and over again to promote oppression and manipulation of the masses, and people have used your bible to justify witch burning, slavery, forced conversion, warfare and genocide. God apparently does not write upon every christian’s conscience.

        I don’t even understand what you mean by “A life transformed by grace is in no way based upon any survival advantage.” Can you be specific about what behavior somebody would show who is “transformed by grace” that nobody else can demonstrate? Kindness, generosity, even self-sacrifice can have survival value.. (If I lay down my life to save the lives of my children, for instance, that is a direct evolutionary advantage.)

      • Vince Chough says:

        You are absolutely right, there have been countess atrocities committed in the name of Christianity, but in every case these transgressions are in direct conflict with the Gospel message. The atrocities committed in the name of democracy do not invalidate the value of a truly democratic system.

        God writes upon the conscience of every human being… we just don’t listen very well sometimes.

        The Gospel message is – in the greatest act of sacrificial love – Jesus died in atonement for your sins, and he rose from the dead to conquer sin and death forever. And Christ will come again one day.

        A life changed by grace is knowing and accepting this message. It is knowing that you are a child of God and that you are forgiven and loved. This process is life changing. For me it was leaving behind a life of selfishness and self-destruction and now living a life where love and service are my goals.

        In (some) atheistic models, such as Stalin’s regime, the absence of God was a core philosophy. The difference here is that their actions were in harmony with their philosophy. Basically their gospel was: “Since we know better and are more powerful, our ends justify our means.”

        One big mistake that Christians make is that they think that they have to be good to get to heaven. But the truth is that we are not children of God because we are good. We are daughters and sons of God because we are loved. This grace transforms you, and you begin to do good in response to this love… not just for goodness sake.

  2. “It must be survival of the fittest.”

    Why? Please prove your statement.

    And please explain what kind of “law” you are referring to and why there must be an “ultimate law”.

    • Vince Chough says:

      Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. My goal is not to host a debate forum, but I’ll try to answer your questions.

      “Survival of the fittest” is a common phrase we use to describe some of Darwin’s theories. It can be argued, that if we envision a universe without God, then the concept of morality has no substance. Therefore, the strong dictate and rule by whatever means is available, or convenient, to them.

      If we envision a world without God, then the concept of sacrificial love is nothing but a fairy tale.

      The Christian world view, on the other hand, builds all its trust and hope upon the truth of sacrificial love.

  3. BASI says:

    Querido Vince, me gustó mucho tu artículo. Dios te bendijo entre otras cosas con el don de la escritura y la palabra, úsalos para siguir alabandolo a Él entre los hombre por siempre.

    Un abrazo grande,

    BASI (Emaus Don Bosco)

  4. […] I subscribed to the “good guy” gospel. As long as I was  good  everything would be fine. It was a step in the right direction as before this it was all about trying to satisfy insatiable […]

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