Cup of coffee

coffee for twoIt is such a simple gesture, but it can have a huge impact. Invite someone out for a coffee this week. There might be someone you know that is struggling in their life, and  a cup of coffee always helps. Don’t go out to eat – make it a coffee instead. This leaves you undisturbed to focus on the conversation. Let the steam gently rise between you as on offering of friendship and love.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have time.” Then make the time.

Or you might think, “Well, my friend will come to me when she is ready or if he needs me. I can’t force them to change.” While this may be true, some people might need a little nudge. Just the gesture will be important to them.

Do not to plan any kind of speech or advice that you are going to give them. Just listen. If they want your advice, they will ask for it.

If the opportunity arises, you might (or might not) come around to talking about God and faith. Those that are struggling often see God as an enemy. They see him as the big party-pooper in the sky. So if you can, share with your friend that God is not their enemy, but their greatest advocate. He is waiting to invite them to the most incredible party of all.

We hold back on feeling God’s love for us thinking that we will have to follow a bunch of rules. Yes, our conduct might change, but it will happen out of gratitude not obligation.

Here’s the big question for all of us: Do you want to get well?

Our answer is of monumental importance. What is our response? It matters so much because…

When you are healed, you give thanks.

When you are freed, you give praise.

When you are saved, you lift your arms up to heaven and cry out, “Thank you for loving me!”

Always remember, listen with your heart. If your friend is not ready, just listen. Then go out for another coffee soon. Share God’s love through this gesture. And when they are ready, deliver an invitation to the party of heavenly proportions.

holding hands

Image credits:
Coffee in the morning: chichacha
Hand in Hand: Jenn Durfey

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  1. monicami says:

    very nice!

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