Do not keep quiet

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There is an overwhelming force that wants to silence you. There is a strong sense of uneasiness in the world. We all feel it – all is not well. But that unseen force wants you to keep quiet about your uneasiness. It wants you to be isolated and anesthetized. “Be silent,” is says. “Do not speak as there is no hope.”

Do not keep quiet. Do not let this voice of darkness silence your heart.

Cry out!

Cry out to the one that hears you always. Cry out to God. He is there, and He is listening. He is so very real.

Let your wounded and hardened heart make a noise, a yell, a shout out to the Lord. Do not let the world silence you any longer! Do not let fear and doubt close your heart anymore. Indeed, all is not well in the world, but in Christ all things will be well.

“But I don’t need to believe,” your mind seems to say. “I don’t need faith; all will be well for me without faith.” But the uneasiness gnaws away at you, and the muzzle tightens around your heart ever more. Do not wait any longer. Cry out to the Lord.

Cry out against the world that sells you the lie that science, technology and money will fix all your problems.

Cry out against the deception that God is dead or silent or that he ignores the suffering.

Cry out against the arrogance of man and the devil bombarding your senses with non-stop messages of distraction, diversion, perversity and death.

Do not let the battle for your soul be given up so easily. For remember, there is an Eternal King that fights for you. He has stood up for you upon the cross and bled for you. Never forget this great battle he won for you against the forces of darkness that strive to suffocate your heart.

Remember this King that has shown you how to conquer suffering through love instead of power.

Your heart wishes to cry out. “I’m tired,” it says. “I am exhausted from the fight. I am almost dead perpetuating the lies in my life – that I am well and that those around me are not suffering. I ignore their cry as I ignore mine, and we are all dying slowly, suffocating in our denial. Our denial of a Savior.”

Come Jesus! Come forth now to me! Pierce my hardened heart with your love. Pour over me your Spirit and your blood alone that can cleanse me. Show me what it means to feel again. Show me what it means to care again. Show me what it means to love again.

Do not wait one minute longer, Jesus. I will keep quiet no longer.

Hear my cry out to you!

cry out


2 comments on “Do not keep quiet

  1. Jason says:

    I have had an uneasy feeling for some time now that it was not necessary to keep posting, because nobody is listening…It is the one or two comments that I get on a regular basis that helps me keep doing it, but I still feel like I could be reaching out more in other ways that are more effective uses of my time…My spiritual advisor even asked me the question, “Why am I posting my journal online?” My only answer was that I felt like it was the right thing to do, but I couldn’t answer the purpose…I have not been posting much lately and definitely not focusing like I was, so thank you so much for this post! God bless you!

    • Vince Chough says:

      Again, Jason like so many other times we seem to connect on a very basic level. Blogging is a way for me to express what God teaches me. Is anyone listening? God certainly is.
      I once got a comment from someone who never came back to my blog, but he said what he read impacted his life greatly that day.
      Keep planting seeds brother, where ever you may go. And may the Spirit of Christ go with you always.

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