Broken glass

glass_1467646cYou did it. You broke the glass. It seems that you were in a hurry or you just didn’t look where you were going. It fell to the ground and shattered. Just look at the mess you made.

In bare feet you walk upon the glass. The mess you made. You don’t clean it up. You just can’t do it. So you walk upon the glass in bare feet, and the shards make wounds that bleed.

You might walk upon the glass for seconds. Or minutes, days… or years. On bleeding feet you walk.

Then Jesus comes. He has you sit and rest your broken feet. He kneels and gently pulls out the glass, piece by piece. He washes your feet clean of blood.

Then the Lord then sets you upon your feet again. Restored.

Later, you realize that it was not glass that was broken. It was your heart. A heart of stone shattered on the floor.

And now, Christ has given you a heart of flesh.


photo credits: walking on glass: Getty



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