Puny god

My life

Why do you want a puny god? Basically a do-nothing god that has nothing to say. A puny god can do nothing for you.

Why do you want such a puny, little god? A god that is barely a footnote in your life. Maybe if he’s lucky he gets an hour or so each Sunday. There, there. There’s a nice little god.

Wouldn’t you rather have a God of justice, power and grace? Why not choose this God?

A God that restores you, heals you, frees you and saves you.

A God that puts your life in order.

In love, power and all the abundance of the Spirit.

A God that reaches down, pulls you out of the pit and places you upon a throne.

A God that gives all for a speck of flesh clinging to a tiny clot of earth in His great universe. All His great love poured out for you.

That would be a God you could worship and bow down to in reverence and repentance.

A God you could devote to and obey.

That would be a great God.


image credit: Adam L. Clevenger, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jamaica_sunrise.JPG


2 comments on “Puny god

  1. EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Love this. Thank you so much:-)

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