Too busy

BusyThe other day I was planning to pray. But I didn’t want to. I tried to blame it on the worries of the world, but deep down I knew there was another reason. Work, family, the knee-high grass growing in the yard… there are things to be done I told myself.

But in my heart I knew the real reason…

I simply did not want to pray.

In a way, yes, the world suffocates my desire to commune with the Lord. But I willingly join in.

But God is good. He gave me the will to force myself upon my knees. Yes, it was forced.

Like forcing yourself to get up and go to work. Or forcing yourself to study or to get physically fit.

Or facing a crisis in your family… or in your life…

These things are not always done joyfully… we don’t skip gleefully towards Calvary. But only there will we find Victory.

So there I was, forced down upon my knees. Sleepy, tired, frustrated, distracted… everything but in ecstasy…

I wanted to pray for myself… for my selfish needs. “Please help me Lord,” I began to plead. But then I was moved to pray for others. To give. Only the Spirit can do this kind of thing to my selfish flesh.

And I prayed.

It was one of the greatest days of my life.

My exterior life is pretty stable (for now). No major crisis. But a great battle was won that day over the enemy who tries to keep me off my knees.

That day, I cried out, “Yes Lord! I need you! We need you!”

“Have mercy on us!”

Never let the world suffocate your cry.

Cry out to Him.

cry out


5 comments on “Too busy

  1. Lucio Di Giacinti says:

    Great post! So true! Thx 4 sharing 🙂

  2. Mary Agloro says:

    I can so relate to this! Thank God for never giving up on me!

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