That’s it

Evil has been done in name of religion, yes. And done in the name of anything else you might imagine as well.

But the transformation of the wretched into something good?

The naturally good are good. The naturally bad are bad.

But what of the man transformed? From where does he come?

I am that wretched man.

Look into your heart. Who are you?

Have you been wounded? Have you been healed?

I might be tempted to close my mouth; after all, the Spirit does all the work.

But still I push forward and onward, as my God wills me to do so. He is a good God. He is a just God. Such pure goodness makes me tremble in fear.

Are you ashamed of anything?

Are you so indifferent to God’s love?

Only Christ can save us.

Why should I believe this? Why should anyone? It must be God.

I try to make it fancy with my words. I try to be a faithful salesman. But it is all vanity.

God’s loves us so he sent his Son who died for our sins. He rose from the dead. We must repent, have faith and believe in Him.

That’s it.


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