Why do we reject the best part?

Opium_smokingThe world views matters of faith from many different perspectives. Some see it as merely a way to pattern our lives better. Others liken it to a type of drug, as Karl Marx famously wrote, “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. Some see the Christian faith as a sinister way to control people. All of these interpretations are correct to one degree or another. Sadly, many Christians, willingly or unwillingly, adopt these lifestyles in their faith as well.

Why do we reject the best part? Why do we reject that it is about salvation and eternal life, and that all other things must be left behind? We say that Jesus is our Savior. Our Savior from what I ask? Given the price that was paid it must be from something incredibly horrible.

We want the easy part. That is our nature. The easier the better. Yes, we are willing to put in hours every day for years, toiling in bondage to our selfish desires. Wealth. Security. Psychological anesthesia. And not even the slightest whisper of dependence on God.

Perhaps this all sounds like fire and brimstone, but the seriousness of the matter cannot be denied. But we reject the seriousness of it. And in doing so we reject the best part.

It is a love so profound, that a Father was willing to transform his Son into sin for us. I imagine my son, taking the blame for the thief or the killer. Would I even sacrifice my son for a good man? My sweet little boy, flesh of my flesh. Just seeing him smile makes my entire existence brighter. Would I willingly see him killed for anyone on earth?

So we avert our eyes and our hearts. And God tells us, “Repent!” But we won’t. We harden our hearts to his indestructible love, a love so divine that legions of angels sing of it in constant praise.

Yes, there are many concrete benefits to a life of faith. Conversely, the abuse of religion has created some of humankind’s worst atrocities. But the best part is intangible and invisible. To know that you are not alone. To know that you have been saved from something incredibly horrible. To know that the Father of all creation loves you desperately.

Holding hand


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