New World Order and the Illuminati

236px-IAO-logoMaybe you have heard of the Illuminati or New World Order conspiracy theory. Actually, there are multiple theories, but the basic premise is this: A small group of persons, or families, are conspiring to rule the world under a totalitarian one-world government. Currently this power is wielded covertly, but the time will come when it will shed the democratic illusion and rule the world with an iron fist. My question is: Why bother? They already have control.

This apocalyptic vision has captured the attention of many on the left and right of politics. It has made for strange bedmates and alliances. Many Christians have been alerted to this conspiracy theory, and they are in a near panic.

If we open our eyes, we can see that this nightmare already exists. Who is not aware that a small group of persons controls a large part of the world’s affairs? The military-industrial-media complex is alive and well. But the truly sinister aspect is that they work openly and freely right under our noses. Even more sinister is that we want them to. Their triumph is complete. Almost.

Look around you. We live in an anesthetized world where we are constantly distracted, comforted and entertained to look the other way. We have been programmed for generations in the doctrine that consumption is the equivalent of happiness. And the New World Order gives us plenty of rope to hang ourselves with. New toys, new distractions, everything New, New, New! Meanwhile they rake in money and accumulate more power. How many times have we seen or heard of the rights of others trampled upon? But we look the other way as to do otherwise is a threat to our life of comfort. I am guilty. I confess.

So, as a follower of Christ, what am I to do? Do I seek revolution and resistance? Yes, but in the way of the Master. Jesus knew that if he was to unseat the political and religious powers of his times, another self-serving government would just take its place. If indeed a New World Order group exists, and was somehow eliminated, another would just take its place. The revolution of Jesus, however, rests in the transformation of persons, not systems. It is the work of God against which no earthly power can stand.

I challenge myself, my own way of life, which is by no means extravagant. Yet it is grotesquely luxurious compared to the majority of the lives of other human beings. Yes, we say we are followers of Christ, but what if I have to give up my air conditioner or car? Or maybe simply ordering out for pizza? Some may laugh and say this is extremist. And what was Christ if not a radical? What was he willing to give up?

In the end I know that the true battle is spiritual, and I need not focus entirely on the earthly issues. But as I consume more plastic, glass and steel, it is certain that the earth itself bleeds, and the enemy accumulates more fodder for his cannons. The battle lies within me. My weapons are the Word of God and prayer. And every person brought to Christ is a saved prisoner of war.

Some people say that Jesus just wants us to be happy. This is a very narrow vision distorted by the New World Order to keep us asleep. Jesus wants us to be free. Fight for your freedom. Let Christ show you the way.


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3 comments on “New World Order and the Illuminati

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  2. Jason says:


    I can’t believe I missed this post…Wow, your perspective on the New World Order is exactly what I needed to hear…Too often I get distracted by the conspiracy theories, and I need to remember that God has called me to put in work waking people up to the truth in the Good News, and if he didn’t send Jesus to overturn a political power that was making innocent people suffer, I shouldn’t see it as my mission to do that either…Jesus came to save us as individuals and call us to live for him, Right?

    God bless you brother,


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