Digging In

Many times we dig ourselves into a hole. Deep ones. Or maybe the circumstances of our lives leave us looking up from the bottom of a well. So we moan and groan and fall into despair. But what does this do? It only sinks us deeper. Ironically, when we see everything as black it only serves to darken things more, even though our hunger for the light is great.

Bottom of the well

There is always a reason we are stuck in the hole. Usually it is to learn something. For many, especially those that have suffered a painful loss, this can be difficult to understand or accept. When I imagine myself in their shoes I can only scratch the surface of what they must be learning first hand.

As for me, I foolishly excavated most of the holes in my life. Either way, from error or circumstance, God invites us to him. Then he extends his hand to help us out. This is the critical moment.

Stubborn MuleAlthough God is ever loving and merciful, I believe he sometimes works in cycles. When he tries to pull me out of the pit, I often dig in, and my wheels spin ever faster in reverse sinking me deeper into the muck. Then God gives it a rest, and he leaves me alone. When he will come back I cannot know, but these cycles might take five days, five months or five years to complete. And I must wait for the complete turning of the wheel for another chance. The world does not wait, and the stiff trunk of my stubbornness takes time to wither.

Then God’s hand appears again. Things begin to make sense, and there is clarity. And I see in his hand an infinite number of possibilities. This is because I have finally stopped digging in. I have finally stopped fighting and running away. I fear no more as the Lord now fights for me. I accept and trust God’s will, and he frees me from the pit.

Take His Hand today. Do not let another five days, months or years go by stuck in the bottom of the well. Stop fighting. Stop running. Trust in God and have great courage.

Photo credit: pastorchuckwrbc.blogspot.com/2012/07/today-we-walked-in-roman-sewer-july-9.html


8 comments on “Digging In

  1. Vince, me encantó esta reflexión !!!Gracias!

  2. Naphtali says:

    Are you sure we haven’t met before!LOL! this blog post sounds like me!

  3. Pat says:

    Wonderful post Vince so much encouragement for me as I am now in a dark place,but I know when God brings me through I’ll be stronger and I’ll understand the whole picture. God is good and worthy of all of our praise for sure!!
    Love you brother 😀

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