Garden hoseWhat is intensity? Think of a garden hose with a trigger nozzle. You can control the intensity of the water stream, and you can aim it.

What are we watering in our lives? When you water your garden by hand you pay attention to where the water goes. What are we aiming at? In our life we cultivate our heart’s desire. The varieties are nearly endless, and the most common searches are for money, diversion, security or power.

Some people are naturally intense. These persons exude passion with every word that falls from their lips. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are loud, but every word carries a weight and a presence.

Prayer generates this type of intensity. There are many hours of prayer stockpiled behind each word that is full of the Spirit.

Are we intense in our relationship with God? He gives us every single thing that is good in our lives, including life itself. Do we even give him what is left over? We force ourselves to go to church every Sunday while our heart yearns for the exit door.

Some might say it is fanaticism or that you are just too religious. Maybe it is just that you are intense about your relationship with Jesus. You are in love.

When a couple first falls in love with each other, the intensity between them is palpable. Time does not necessarily mute this attraction as it matures and develops into something much more profound. It is a life constructed brick by brick, day by day together in love.

When someone says or thinks, “I’m not religious,” what does that mean? Can someone believe in God and not love him? What does that say about the condition of the heart?

Look at your life. Where do you invest the majority of your time and attention? What does this say about the condition of your heart? What does this say about the condition of your family? What does this say about the condition of your soul?

There are some that feel absolutely no intensity. They feel a vacuum or a void inside. Or maybe they feel the abyss of loneliness. On the outside they might try to fill it with every sort of lifeless nutrient, but inside they hunger. Their hunger is their intensity. They are crying out for God, but won’t go to him. They fear to get closer to him. So they cling to the lifeless things of this world as they devour themselves.

These are the ones that God cares for; the ones he focuses upon. This is God’s preoccupation, and he is in a hurry to help these people. His presence and his weight stand patiently at their door. When they finally open up to him he rushes in to fill the void, and the miracle of a transformed life takes place.

Jesus’ most intense prayer occurred in Gethsemane. He was not just facing the physical reality of the cross. At that moment the full weight of the Father’s urgency came down upon the Son. It was, and is, God’s desperation for those that hunger – all attention focused upon pouring out his love. And Jesus obeyed his Father’s will with extreme intensity — returning the outpouring of love. This is the intensity of Christ – the offering of His body and His blood for those that hunger.

crown of thorns


5 comments on “Intensity

  1. jacvan says:

    love this post! So good to read these thoughts of other people!

  2. Jason says:


    If you read my post for today, I am wondering about the direction in which to point my trigger of the watering hose…People that know me would say that I do not lack intensity in my zeal for the Lord these days, but I am wondering if I should be on the attack at this point or just continue fishing!

    God bless you brother,


    • Vince Chough says:


      Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with anyone’s blog these days… not even mine! You already have the answer it seems… on your knees in prayer. That is where the spiritual battle is fought and won.

      We should always be on the offensive. The Spirit moves ahead and we follow. So keep fishing… and keep attacking too!

      I send you a blessing and a prayer.

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