He walked the walk

How did Jesus walk? I mean literally, His stride, His stance, His pace. Somehow transmitting confidence and humility all at once. Knowing exactly where He was headed. Maybe He broke a sweat sometimes, and other times He lingered.

Whatever the need or occasion, He walked with purpose…

His feet played a major role in His ministry…

And the feet of others as well…

Oh, the places He walked!

Always moving in the direction of obedience towards His Father in heaven…

Grace and blessings to all.

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This post was inspired by Sally’s post On Walking at her wonderful blog Hot Dogs and Marmalade.


14 comments on “He walked the walk

  1. Bird says:

    One of my favorite scriptures…”How lovely on the mountain are the feet of Him who brings good news.. 🙂

  2. Cristal says:

    This is such a deep thought in my life right now (of course, Refusing to Tiptoe, right?). But, I wonder often if I’m walking the right path, am I running the wrong direction, am I purposefully striding through life. I want to walk like Him, where He’d walk and toward those He’d meet on His walk.

  3. grand-player says:

    tiny newborn baby toes – grown up and dirty, calloused, pierced, bleeding, healed and resurrected – “How lovely on the mountain” – indeed!

  4. lbtk says:

    You always stir such strong feelings in me with your words. I have never thought about the feet of Jesus quite like this. It’s easy to forget the “Son of Man” part of Him. This made me think of other human characteristics He may have had: was He right-handed or left-handed? Did Jesus have a favorite food? Being a carpenter, did He ever have a splinter or hit his finger with a hammer? Thank you for putting me in a thoughtful mood for prayer and Bible study. Sandy

  5. It’s nice to remember those places He walked. It reminds us that He was real walking among people and of course He still walks among us now.

  6. granbee says:

    Wonderfully moving photographs and artwork and captions, Vince! Extremely well-composed post to pass on the inspiration to us as we put one foot in front of the other on our own daily walks with Him and for Him! So pleased Sally inspired you to share this with us! Blessings on you, dear Vince!

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