Broken heart

How do we respond when we make a mistake? When our actions are repulsive? Ironically it is a chance to receive the grace to contemplate Jesus. Our tiny drop of revulsion is multiplied infinitely and placed upon the Lamb of God. How did God the Father let His Son take the blame? It’s placing the blame and punishment on the innocent. Only God can do such a thing. Only His Son could have satisfied this role. Only God can create such an act of mercy and perfection. Perfect justice. All debts paid at once. But when we reject this truth we let our pride and insecurity win.

We keep repeating the same hurtful behavior over and over again. We let our bad habits control us. We refuse to let old wounds heal.

We can choose how these circumstances form us. One option is the “Why me?” position which leads to the fortification of insecurity and pride. The other is to let our heart be broken. When your heart is broken, the Light can shine into it and out from it. Love can enter and love can be set free. Psalm 42 helps me understand this process today… and it brought forth this prayer:

My soul thirsts for you my Lord. I feel my heart broken and I want to close it tight and protect myself from all that hurts me. But then I close my heart to You, oh, Lord. So let it remain broken, and open. Then You can see inside me and come inside to heal. I remember better times when Your glory shined so brilliantly that I shouted out joy and praise. But now, in the darkness of my shame and insecurity, is it all just a dream? My soul thirsts for you my Lord. Your heavenly cup flows over me gently and my broken heart aches for You. Restore me. Let me come to rest upon You. You never leave me.

God prepares us for greater challenges. But the internal victory must be won first. So here we throw down and let fly. Our pride, our ego… must be ground to dust. His Spirit can then fill us with divine strength and authority to slay the serpents and the demons that stand in our way. Let His glory reign.

Stages of a broken heart (taken from various sources… stages of grief or recovery, etc..)









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23 comments on “Broken heart

  1. Cristal says:

    What a timely post. I recently said something hurtful to my son in a moment of extreme frustration. And my first response was pride (selfishness). I justified my actions. Before long, though, God yanked my chain and, thankfully, the conviction was heavy. Even today, as I type this, the sorrow is tremendous.

  2. jamie says:

    Wow, It never occurred to me that if I close my heart to the pain that I am seeking to avoid that it also closes my heart to Jesus. Good post Vince.

  3. monica says:

    What a nice prayer Vince!! deep and contemplative!!! thank you!!!

  4. I believe my prayer last night was, Lord let me get over myself!

  5. What Jamie says is so true. We must not harden our hearts in any way against God. You must guest post on our blog sometime!

  6. “Only God can create such an act of mercy and perfection.”

    Amen, Vince! He makes all things new 🙂

  7. elliebloo says:

    We must always think. I appreciate this post Vince. It is always good to remember to contemplate what Jesus did for us, what we must also do.

  8. lbtk says:

    Being openly and truly sorry is one lesson I have tried to teach my children. Not just a thoughtless “Sorry” when an apology is offered, but to make them take a time of reflection. When you apologize, you should approach the person with great humility and say WHAT you did and WHY you now are asking their forgiveness. “I’m sorry I spoke to you in such a rude manner. I want you to forgive me because I love you and I want our relationship to be restored.” Vince, you always bring a deeper sense of self to your posts. Sandy

    • Vince Chough says:

      Thank you Sandy for your kind words. Most of my thoughts are gained from the experience of making mistakes and even repeating them over and over again. But the Lord teaches me. I just have to let Him.

  9. granbee says:

    The broken heart is a heart open to God. A broken heart can be filled with light and love anew from Our Father is we only invited Him in. A cracked pot sheds more light outward from within. Broken-heartedness is a very appropriate way to come to the foot of the Cross!

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