How much of it is me?   How much of it is You?

I seek the removal, of me.   To discover You.

All tangled jumbled up inside…

 …a twisted Gordian knot…

My solutions silly poison…

 …embalm me in myself…

You cut me open,

A core, a seed revealed,

To open up and to give all,


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Photo credits: Gordian knot – http://mychinaconnection.com/english-slang/gordian-knot/
Mummy – http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/37343/dimension-gets-wrapped-up-mummy-archives
Apple – http://www.youngbloodcoaching.com/karma-definition.html

21 comments on “Half

  1. ansuyo says:

    Nice! Great way of saying it 🙂 Angie

  2. you describe it so well, I can´t write any comment…I have the same knot from reading your knot…Please God!!! untie our knots! we can´t….

  3. Claire Cappetta says:

    Great poem with such feeling, thank you 🙂

  4. granbee says:

    Praise God that He DOES cut us open and reveal the seed of new life within! Only HE can perform this miracle of new life and new birth in Him! Hallelujah for this post and these provocative illustrations, dear Brother Vince!

  5. elliebloo says:

    I like the combination of the poem and the pictures. Perfectly blended.

  6. Naphtali says:

    Vince, I have nominated your blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can come to my place at

    http://craigmotor.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/kreativ-blogger-award/ to check it out!

  7. lbtk says:

    I love it that God unties the knots we get outselves into. It shows His great and might power. And we should give Him all the glory. Thanks, Vince. Sandy

  8. Chris says:

    I have survived my many tests God has given me by my faith that one day He will reveal to me the purpose of so many.

  9. Cristal says:

    Simplicity. That has been the “theme” of my walk with Christ lately. Less is more. Less of me is more of Him.

  10. Caddo Veil says:

    Lovely poem, Vince–and yes, I too am praying God unties all my daily knots. (I have this vision of a dad, patiently working over a child’s shoelaces which he/she has, in frustration, yanked on too tight and made the situation worse!) God bless you today–and throughout Easter week!! sis Caddo

    • Vince Chough says:

      Wow Caddo… you just described something very common to me. I have 5 sons and many shoelaces to tie… Blessings to you.

      • Caddo Veil says:

        Oh how wonderful that God would give me such a vision (this is something that has only begun happening lately!)–and truly a lovely blessing, your quiver of 5 sons! Yes, LOTS of shoelaces–but you have the face of great patience. God bless the whole bunch of you!!

  11. jamie says:

    There is no knot so deeply entangled that God can not untie.

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