Feelgood poem

I want to write a feelgood poem…  of daisies and daffodils,

              but inside it’s trench warfare and mustard gas…

                                                                                  …the enemy gains ground.

Where goes my peace?

          Is it found in the fight?

                  To keep upon the path of light…

                                                                           …meant to be so hard?

So finally, as best I can, I give in. Raise up the white flag,

… surrender…

                                                                                             … let daisies and daffodils bloom.

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Photo credits: Trench war – http://ushistoryclassroom.blogspot.com.ar/2012/02/fighting-war-land.html

Double daisy – http://www.nickoakden.com/2010/04/rare-flowers-of-world.html


11 comments on “Feelgood poem

  1. Bird says:

    You just described perfectly what I am feeling right at this very moment.

  2. Ah, well said Vince. More of Him and less of us. A great reminder, thanks!

  3. lbtk says:

    How beautifully said. I want to be fully engaged with Him at all times. Love the free-verse. Sandy

  4. Cristal says:

    I completely relate to what you wrote. In fact, God’s been showing me that I need to learn to operate in both the good and bad times. Like in Nehemiah, a sword in one hand (for the battles with the enemy) while building the Kingdom with the other hand.

  5. Tammy says:

    awesome – ironically I bought your book yesterday – I’m so happy to be able to help “C” in this little way…I actually just logged on and was going to look up blogs with the search term “frustration”, but I’m glad I happened upon your blog instead..you put deep thoughts into easy terms. Thank you.

  6. jamie says:

    I have often said that surrendering to Christ is the only time in life when you can completely give up and win!

    Be blessed Vince!

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