Is God obsolete?

This process unfolded since day one, hasn’t it?

To do away with Him, He who just gets in my way.

So as the rain falls in the late porteño summer I reflect on how much I don’t need Him. I have insurance policies don’t I? I protect myself and my stuff against theft and illness and decay – who needs God? The miracles of medicine and psychology and self-help give me all I need to get me through another day so what’s with this fairy-tale-man-god-Jesus? What does He really offer me?

I pay my eight bucks to see marvels in three dimensions and can even ingest or inject something that makes me see demons and angels. What wonders will the Son of Man manage to conjure that will impress me? In the palm of my hand I communicate with all the world through beams scattered amongst the heavens in a myriad of pyrotechnic miracles multiplied upon themselves. I am a friend to thousands and see their faces all at once on a tiny shining screen. The world offers me such delicacies… the music, the art, the literature… There is no pleasure I can’t purchase. I can go on like this forever.

What do you have to offer me, oh, Son of Man?

… When you come to Me, when it is the time — a planned time, a decided time — you will be in such a state. Such a state as to which there can be no escape, no release. You will have built up everything in a mighty fortress, a stronghold of self – all the strength that the human spirit can summon – a force that raises civilizations and obliterates a race, or even a planet. When you come to Me, you will have built it up all upon you, carrying it all upon your back, not wanting help, not seeking shelter, not needing shelter. It will then crash down upon you. In ruble and ruins, pierced and torn, you will cry out to Me. Only then will I give it to you…

…All I have is My Body. All I can offer is My Blood. I will give you everything.

It is a sweetness everlasting that forms the dew upon my parched lips…

* * * * * * * * * * * *

(Please remember, when you order any of my books, you support our Bible study ministry in Argentina. This year we plan to begin work in a neighborhood plagued with crime and poverty. Many are kept poor here for lack of faith and hope rather than a lack of opportunities. We seek to give a Hand-up, not a hand-out.) 



19 comments on “Is God obsolete?

  1. granbee says:

    He gave His all! So sweet forever is that dew of love in these deserts of our lives!

  2. Robert Echevarria says:

    I must have channeled you today. I have a pending blog titled “Is G*d obsolete?” Mind if I like to this when it comes out?

  3. Vince,

    Wow. I realllly needed to hear this.

    So glad to connect with your blog


  4. ansuyo says:

    He has to offer the only thing we will ever need: Himself. Angie

  5. GeorgeK says:

    Press on brother!!! A very well written perpective of a mindset I would probably be in if I did not know Him, thank you for reminding me, He is why we can do all those things.

  6. Wow, you found a way to say something that I feel constantly, like the world’s vibes. So profound! Thanks for sharing so insightfully.

  7. isaiah43123 says:

    He waits patiently for us to put aside all the distractions.
    Thanks for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and deciding to tag along.
    Keep the Faith!

  8. lbtk says:

    Have you heard “God’s Not Dead” by the Newsboys. This song is a new release and is sweeping across the campus of my daughter’s school (public high school, mind you). In our Bible study last night, we were urged to make sure we’re giving the correct heritage to our children. God is not dead. He is still relevant. The Bible is not just an ancient document — it’s alive and active in me! Praise the Lord for this post. I loved it! Sandy

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