Ashes to Eucalyptus

It was a time of intense searching and growth for me, the years 2004-2006. During this period I wrote a lot of poetry. Sometimes it’s the best way to express something deeply entrenched in your soul. With verse, you can simply pour out everything you feel without rules, without grammar… just let it flow out of you. In this way it resembles prayer. I published most of these poems on a different blog I used to write for, but for the next few days they are available for free in eBook form from Amazon (Title: Ashes to Eucalyptus). I’ll share some excerpts with you here…

I’m afraid to read another’s words,
In other words I’m afraid not to,
As I might miss some inspiration.
Will I find my ideas already there,
Two thousand years old already?
Will I start to sound like another sounds,
In other sounds will I lose my originality?
Or will I hear my originality in another’s words,
In other words speaking anciently?
From the eucalyptus tree,
I smell the green of leaves.
I see Your breath there in the tree,
Gently blowing breeze in leaves.
Forever movement,
Forever life,
In the eucalyptus tree,
That leaves its leaves to flutter,
In the breath of Your gently blowing breeze.
Fragrance eucalyptus,
Set free from Your wind in leaves,
From the eucalyptus tree,
That sways slowly in Your breeze.
So here I live the drama of life,
Dramatically unfolding and unfolded.
So here I play the protagonist,
Representing every protagonist man.
How dramatic this character I am.
An animal beast all hide, hair and nails,
Teeth, muscle, bone, blood, and guts,
So animal even in reproductive ways.
So much I must yield to nature,
As any mammal does.
Eat, sleep, excrete, reproduce,
As every mammal does.
Yet with a conscience!
To understand drama,
And therefore live most dramatically,
In every act of life.
But I resist!
Stand me next to any earthly beast,
Compare what we both need for life,
See I am mammalian! I am beast.
‘Oh wretched conscience!’
The beast cries out.
‘Why must you vex me so!’
‘Leave me be to be beast.’
Out of my element,
Dressed in a suit, eating with a fork, living in a lighted glass box,
All for appearances sake,
Always trying to hide the mammalian truth….
Ashes to Eucalyptus — it’s free for the next few days at the Amazon Kindle store

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