100°F in January – Dad’s reaction

Summer in Buenos Aires. The city is empty as hordes of tourists have migrated to the beaches of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. But I’m home and it’s HOT. The ceiling fan only serves to stir the thick soup of humidity around and around in my room. Down here the school year and the calendar year end in the mad rush of December, then they all head to the beach. Those that remain seek refuge from the heat in their pools if they have them. So we suffer the night away our necks wet with sweat. Nevertheless, last night my heart was filled with an unexpected peace and joy.

Before my book came out, I sent an advance copy to my dad. I did it out of respect, but it was an act of faith as well. This is important to record. On the other hemisphere of the earth my father read the book, and I waited. Admittedly, I was nervous. So much depended upon his reaction. What if he didn’t like it? Even worse, what if it offended him in some way? This is what I was most afraid of – his disapproval. What would I have done if he said that he was against its publication? Really, I had no idea. As I said, I was going on faith. Then a small miracle happened.

“I finished your book,” he said calling me on the phone. A long pause followed – one of those father-to-son talk pauses that brings the suspense up into your throat even at my 44 years of age.

My wildest dreams did not prepare me for his reaction. At best, I thought, he will not object too much. He’s very well read, in breadth and depth, and this intimidated me even more. I lifted my prayers up to God saying, “You got this one, right?” So after two long weeks, Dad had called me.

He told me he liked the book from “cover to cover”.

He told me that I should write more.

He told me that Sofia, my wife, was a “great girl”.

He asked me with whom he could share my work with.

He told me that he wished he could have been a better dad.

My response, as my tears welled up, was, “Dad, at this moment it would be impossible for me to have a better father.”

Now I can honor my father on earth and my Father in Heaven… perhaps for the first time in my life.

Maybe my worry was a huge failure to give my dad the credit he deserves for being open minded. This fear easily could have led me to advance with my book project without seeking his approval. Not only did I get the OK, but I got his blessing as well. That very same day, I published Brave Fish. It was one of the best days of my life. Thanks Dad.

The only thing that impresses God is our faith. I don’t point this out to take credit, but to give credit where it is due – to Him, the author of my faith.


(Image courtesy of www.BancodeImagenesGratuitas.com)

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