Celebrating the end of the world

Disaster planning

Another Christmas has passed and we look forward to the New Year… or do we?

According to some sources the Maya Calendar predictss that the world ends in 2012. If you are like me this kind of news generates a variety of responses…

What a bunch of lunatics.

This is all just another money making scheme.

But… what if they are right?

For some this causes tremendous anxiety. Others kind of get excited about an apocalypse scenario. Rushing around, buying bottled water, bullets and canned goods, firing up kerosene heaters all cozy in our bunkers… yes, oddly romantic, but the reality would be awful. Still, when you read the headlines, it doesn´t seem like such a stretch to think that we are living in “the end times”. So how do we respond?

Know this – we are always living in the end times. Our days are numbered exactly. We might not like to think about it, but this is the case. When we accept this we can do some real disaster planning. Deep down, our death is the thing that bothers us the most and removes our peace. So we look for anything to give us a sense of security. The problem arises when we don´t seek a spiritual source.


When God sent down the Ten Commandments the first reaction of many former Hebrew slaves must have been, “Are you kidding me? You brought us out of Egypt to give us a bunch of rules? Where´s the milk and honey?!?”

God – egotistical, self-centered, and self-serving – imposes His will upon us. Or, in His love, does he show us where to find the peace we all desire?

When I was practicing medicine in the USA I had some incredibly difficult patients whose problems were mostly “in their heads”. At first I resented them, and later I learned to tolerate them. And after I had my conversion experience, I began to serve them. I began to minister to them and tell them to look to God for help. At first they were puzzled to hear this coming from me. Later, God began to heal them.

These persons, who suffer tremendously, are offered every kind of psychological, psychiatric and pharmaceutical solution to their lack of peace. Others try money, power, drugs, booze or sex. At best, they learn to cope – at worst, none of it works. But when they turn to God things changed dramatically. I´ve seen this cycle repeated time after time, and every time it is miraculous.

When we put no other gods before us we find the milk and honey for our hearts. We enter into the Promised Land. This is our best disaster planning.

Thank you to all of you who have bought my book Brave Fish. This is a very exciting time for me venturing into the world of writing and publishing, and I am thankful for it.

God´s richest blessings to you all.



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