Book release

Brave Fish took me seven years to write.  I didn´t write for seven years straight though. For much of this time it just sat on the virtual shelf.  It was never my intention to let anyone read it, let alone publish it.  I was too afraid, and it was too personal. Now I understand the time has come to share my work.

My hope is that it will be a blessing to whoever reads it.

My life changed dramatically in 2004 when I had a strong spiritual conversion, and the book centers on this theme.  It is also a story about coming of age in the 80´s in America.  I am 44 years old so any of you out there in that age range will relate in some way or another.

The clash, or mix, of cultures is also a main element.  I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and I am of Korean descent.  Now I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  These three places (and others) play a part in the story. The book also explores how I got into and why I left the practice of medicine.

Perhaps most of all though, Brave Fish is a love story.

You can visit my E-store to get a preview and order the book.  A Kindle version will be available on December 21st. You can also order Brave Fish from Amazon.



2 comments on “Book release

  1. Patricia D. says:

    Eager to read your book with this previous left in few words…so I will see the way I get the book …sure through amazon….best wishes in this Christmas for all your nice family!! Patricia D.

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