Is it easy to trust in God?

It’s easy to trust in God when I really don’t do any trusting. I say, “I trust that God will take care of…,” but I’m really just saying it, not doing it.

When I look back on my life I try to find times when I really trusted in him. Times where I placed all my bets on his power and his grace and nothing else. Times where if he didn’t come through, there was no way out. It was him or nothing.

I wish I had many tales to tell of this kind of trust. But too many times, I do all the thinking and planning and none of the trusting. I leave very little for God to do for me. And he respects me. He never gets in my way.

I say, “I have to trust in Jesus.”

No I don’t. Never do I have to. It’s always up to me.

What if I went to him for everything? What if I really placed all my trust in him?

How many times do I face a challenge or a threat… and instantly my mind races to hatch a plan I hope will be blessed along the way?

What if I stopped right away instead?

And got on my knees,

looked up to heaven and said,

“It’s yours Lord. It’s all yours. All you or nothing.”

trust in the Lord

Image credit: LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by Alaskan Dude (I cropped the image and added the text.)