Prayer for fibromyalgia

I have had many people contact me about my post, Prayer for asthma. Recently a friend of ours was healed through prayers for her fibromyalgia. Here is a prayer that I hope can help someone suffering from this debilitating disease.

Heavenly Father, I come to you. Only you know how I feel. Only you know my pain.
As I come to you Father, you come to me.
Come to me and begin the healing that I so long for.
Wash me of this pain.
Cleanse me of my sin and suffering.
With your precious blood that forgives all and heals all.

Let my body work in harmony towards healing, oh merciful Lord.
May your Spirit move through my muscles, bones and joints that ache deeply.
It is a hurt that cannot be explained.
Some days I just can’t get up, I cannot move.
So weary is my soul.
Will you not look mercifully upon me Lord in these days?
Do not delay any longer, set me free.

Mobilize all my body’s natural defenses to bring me to health.
My heart, my lungs and my brain,
My blood, my organs, and all my hormones,
Set them all to work in health and harmony.
For you are a most merciful God, sovereign over all creation.
Certainly you must hear me.
Hear my cry.

If there is any purpose in my deep pain, my deep suffering,
I give it up to you, oh Father.
Like Christ, your beloved Son.

In all things, your will be done.
But in my humility, my shame, my smallness, oh Lord,
I beg you.
Take this affliction far from me.

Heal me in spirit, body and mind.
Your Spirit touching my spirit to set me free.

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Set me free

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