Finding my way

You are never really suddenly lost. It happens gradually. Think about the last time you got lost driving. You took a wrong turn off the correct road. If a plane is flying along a straight line, a deviation of even just one degree will leave you landing in Timbuktu instead of Boston.

Many times when I get sidetracked spiritually, it is for something that I declare to be good. The problem is that I make the decision without God.

For example, I have been tempted many times to work more instead of pray. I have fallen to the temptation to do many constructive and meaningful things instead of prayer. Temptations always please me. Sacrifice always requires effort.

Work is good. It pays for food and bills. But if it eclipses my private time with the Lord, then I am flying the wrong way.

How often have I claimed to be making a sacrifice when really I was just pleasing myself? It is always hard to find time to pray. It almost always requires sacrifice.

If I would just listen to my heart honestly I would hear, “I really prefer to do something else instead of praying.”

Then, I would be able to see clearly where I can get help. I understand that I don’t want to pray sometimes. I accept it. So I turn to the only place where I can overcome my weakness — from God’s Spirit.

Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den because even a threat to his life was less important than his prayer time. The result of this order in Daniel’s life proved to be glorious as he climbed out of the den unharmed. Daniel’s courage could only have come from a supernatural source.

I must sacrifice even good things to pray. Time for family, time for work and time for me all must take a backseat.


Because it is God the Father who will bless my family, my work and my life.  It is all for his glory, not mine.

Let nothing get in the way of you seeking Jesus. Let nothing stand in your way. Make every excuse, every sacrifice to be with him. If he is all that you will ever need, why do you seek shelter and meaning elsewhere?

I am