Mentality of a Messiah 2

ATMAgain, the long lines here in Buenos Aires provide me with ample opportunities to look into the mind of Jesus. Down here, much of business is still done in hard, cold cash. Many homes are even bought with cash. This makes things especially interesting since the exchange rate is now around 8 Argentine pesos = 1 US dollar. So if you buy a US$150,000 home, you might spend all day counting bills.

The cash based system often makes for long lines at the bank machines. Sure enough, I got stuck behnind an elderly man punching at the keyboard the other day.

He took his card out, then slowly put it back in, pressing the buttons at a rate of one digit per minute.

What did I feel?

Frustration? I was in a hurry after all.

Annoyed? What is the problem with old people anyway?

But couldn’t I have closed my eyes to pray for this man who was slowing down the line and struggling with his old age?

If a person is holding up a line, complaining loudly and selfishly… do I condemn them, or do I lift up my voice silently in prayer and intercession?

We have so many delusions of grandeur about our faith, while the smallest opportunities to practice mercy go wasted.

Be merciful – when it is not convenient – and your mercy is multiplied a hundred-fold.

(Read Mark 5:24-34 to see how the Master did things.)

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