Mentality of a Messiah 4

Argentina inflationLike everything else here, inflation has always been a drama in Argentina. From 1975-1991 the average annual inflation rate was 300% – yes, three hundred. Today, the economy is still playing currency and inflation games, but the stakes are not as high.

The government forces supermarkets to control the prices of some products. Basic staples such as pasta, milk, and meat are “protected” from inflation. Even wine falls under this list. So what happens? You go to buy the cheap stuff, and many times the stock is very low or the shelf is empty. The store puts up a sign corresponding to the cheap macaroni noodles, but not a single package can be found. Maybe it’s just a ruse to keep the inspectors off the back of the store manager.

When your budget is tight, you look for deals. The other day I went to buy some noodles, and there were only five packs under the reduced price. I wanted to take all five since we have a lot of mouths to feed at home.

What would the Messiah do?

Take just one or two? Nope.

He would leave all five packs of pasta for someone else whose economy is even tighter.

Jesus always leaves the best for us.

He gives us the best deal ever.

That’s his economy.

Image by Eneas De Troya. Image cropped by Vince Chough.

Stop running

Stop running.
Just stop it. You don’t have to keep going on like this anymore.

Don’t you see how much you are loved?

He gives it all to you.
He takes it all from you.
All your pain and trouble.
All your shame.

Your tired weary soul can come home again.

He waits for you,

All the rest you seek,

Find in him.

rest in him


Image by GollyGForce (cropped and text added by Vince Chough).

GollyGforce – Living My Worst Nightma

Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard?

Have you heard the latest news?
God lives.
He lives for you and me.

He lives to make you strong again.
After you have been stumbling for so long. Far too long.
Hurt and limping along.
Lean on him.
Let him.

It is never to late. Never too late.

Is the life you are living now worth saving?
Or do you want a new life?

They say it’s a story, a fairy tale.
But it is something else altogether.
It is Good News. It is new life everlasting.

So God’s Son came, lived and died for you.
And after three days, he rose again.

To free you.

Let him.

Let him love you.

have you not heard isaiah

Image by JFXie. Image cropped and text added by Vince Chough.




Mentality of a Messiah 3

traffic jamAs any local knows, driving in Buenos Aires can be an intense – and annoying – experience. I’ve never seen such rude and selfish behavior before in my life – from myself, that is.

Passing in the lane of oncoming traffic, passing on grass shoulders and being forced off the highway by buses and trucks – you see it all here.  Many times you feel as if you are obligated to be aggressive or else you will get crushed.

As I was driving home today I spied a red car in my rear-view mirror moving erratically, and within a second I knew it was an aggressive driver. Sure enough, he nestled up to my bumper then slid out to my left to pass me – in a one-lane, one-way street. This move is pretty common here, but it is still annoying, especially when there is traffic already in front of you. So you either hold your ground or let the other guy pass. So I held my ground.

I thought, “That explicative has no right to pass me here. He’s going to cause a wreck! There is no way he’s passing me.”

What would our Messiah do?

He would take care of the offending driver. He would slow down and pull aside as not to risk an accident. But he would go one step further.

In his heart, he would take care of the offender. I imagine his thinking might go like this:

“Wow, this guy is really impatient. He is risking his and my safety. I better pull aside, and let him go. Bless him please Father.”

We get offended when someone steps on our rights. This is a normal reaction.

Jesus gave himself up to death when his innocence was trampled upon. This is a messianic reaction.

All for you.

Image by daveynin.


Being Faithful

Desert footprintsBeing faithful is always about relationships. I have often traveled far from the essence of faithfulness. 

If you are faithful, you are loyal. Are we not moved by the mother who pleads for mercy as her son sits in judgement before a jury? The son may be a killer, but his mother’s heart cries out for him. No matter what, she is on his side.

Faithfulness provides a deep trust, built over time, bringing a sense of peace and confidence. When that trust is broken, your heart bleeds.

There are obvious signs of infidelity, but many times the less obvious ones are just as painful. When we are unfaithful we go against the other person. We go against God or against a loved one. Either way it is opposition.

But when we are faithful, we are on their side. This does not mean being weak, but it does depend on our attitude. How many times do we misguide ourselves thinking that we are faithful when we really just want things our way?

How many times, in the name of fidelity are we unfaithful?

When you say, “Things are going to be fine!” should you really be coming clean?

When you say, “Be careful!” a thousand different ways, is it just so you can feel calm while your listener is stressed to death?

When you say, “I need to give him/her some space,” are you denying the truth that you must get closer?

What is our concept of fidelity?

It means, in your heart, being on the side of the ones you love. No matter what.

And at some point, it hurts. No matter what.

It’s not just knowing what is right for another person, but also doing what is right by them.

Give up that attitude or action that stings your heart and makes you unfaithful. Anything that is a barrier between two persons should be brought down. Actions and words make a difference. Most of the time it means leaving things behind rather than adding. It means sacrifice. This is how we can be faithful.

I’ve wandered through the deserts of unfaithfulness to my God and my family. It is a lonely journey of the heart. But God is always faithful, always on our side. His great fidelity was proven by his Son’s sacrifice.

It cost God dearly to be faithful. He knows how much it hurts.

If you are lacking faithfulness, go to him now. Ask him to give you a faithful heart. He will respond. No matter what.

He who promised is faithful

Desert track image: Attribution Some rights reserved by Guilherme Jófili
Water image by Geralt. Image adapted by Vince Chough.